nOFTEN is breaking barriers! Grew over 1000% in a few hours of launch on LBank




NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are creating a buzz all over the world. Since even 12-year-olds with or without much knowledge have made millions, it has only shown that anyone with a unique idea can make a heavy buck with NFTs. With its easy everyday user integrations on open marketplaces, the space has been growing exponentially in a really short span.

The latest example of this boost doesn't come as a surprise as nOFTEN, the latest celeb centric NFT Marketplace is making headways in a dipping market. While there was an overall slump across the industry, the NOF token that got listed on the LBank Exchange yesterday saw over a 1000% rise in just an hour of its trading launch. NOF token got listed at USD 0.5 and rose to USD 5 in just an hour of its launch.

nOFTEN offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between celebrities and their large fan base; its innovative NFT platform allows people to buy, sell or trade digital assets like pictures, music, video, or any other memorable token using blockchain technology. The celeb-fan-centric marketplace of nOFTEN is a great monetization opportunity for the artists who can now incentivise their digital artefacts. In addition, it promises the artists exposure to the more extensive fan community on a single platform. nOFTEN is an EtherLite blockchain-backed platform that also allows artists to track their every sale.

The nOFTEN platform goes live in a few days and if the way the NOF token is performing the market is any signal, it looks like they are off to a great start. Now we are eagerly waiting for the much-anticipated platform to make its grand entrance in the game.


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