Expo 2020 Will Set Up A Tough Benchmark To Future Global Shows


As curtains go up in Dubai for the much-awaited Expo 2020 in a few days, the mega event, indisputably, would set a new model and benchmark for other global events that are considered the best in the world.  This is because Dubai would unleash technology in full force at Expo 2020, driving customer experience, ticketing operations, cyber security through a gamut of digital infrastructure and technologies.


The digital infrastructure built for Expo 2020, according to Alexis Lecanuet, Regional Marketing Director, Accenture Middle East, is significant to run the best world events, playing a key role to provide millions of visitors who would be thronging the event from different parts of the world with a never-before digital experience.

Being the biggest post-pandemic global event, experts point out that, Dubai could take its digital capabilities to newer heights keeping Expo 2020 as a solid platform to enhance tourists’ experience in future.  This is because Dubai as part of Expo 2020 has created a new template for the next ten biggest events on earth in terms of technology, back office capabilities and digital experience.

The visitor experience at Expo 2020 would be at max in terms of business intelligence, analytics, information security, customer relations, e-ticketing experience, AI-powered virtual assistance and geo-location services.  

Expo 2020 offers hyper-personalised guest experience because the technology at play offers end-to-end integrated solutions and it drives real connections from designing, implementing to running the platforms. Having integrated over a dozen applications, systems and platforms, Expo 2020 offers visitors a unique booking and ticketing experience.

“You can pre-book specific time slots, send and share your tickets, retrieve lost tickets and participate in referral programs. The ‘made-for-me’ intelligent ticketing solution also intuitively senses visitors’ preferences and offers customized products based on geo-location.  Enhancing the experience further is ‘Amal’ – the chatbot – developed in collaboration with Smart Dubai.

Being a fully digital driven show, Expo 2020 officials have deployed the most advanced cyber security strategies to protect the mega event from any cyber attacks. “Our objective is to protect Expo’s infrastructure and operations from ticket sales, AI-driven robots to virtual reality and mega screens,” says Eman Al Awadhi, Vice President, Cyber Security and Resilience at Expo 2020.

According to her, Expo 2020 has the most dynamic and diverse technology ecosystem. “It is capable of supporting 200-plus participants - including 191 countries each with its pavilion – besides businesses, multilateral organizations, academic institutions and millions of visitors from around the globe,” she added.

Dubai is fully prepared to protect 4.38 sqkm Expo 2020 site including 130-plus buildings that are inter-connected via smart building management system using new, innovative technologies never seen before anywhere in the world and provide the customers a unique and engaging experience.

Disclaimer: This article is a part of featured content series on Business in Dubai

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