by Ashish Kalra
BS(UT Austin), Masters(Cornell), MBA(University of Chicago)

 Just like the Asian Flu Pandemic (Human Consumption of Ducks) in 1958/59, the Current COVID19 Pandemic has been deadly; has killed nearly 3.4 million people around the world, and spread to over 230 countries. Reputed journalists, Page & Hinshaw in the WSJ opine: "Coronavirus likely came from a Mammal, not a Laboratory". In a June 2 article in the Times of India, cite 6 reasons why the Wuhan strain is from an Animal Virus, and NOT from a Lab! 


The most compelling is arguments in "Origin of COVID19" in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, "Scientists from the elite Scripps Institute in the US overwhelmingly conclude" that this coronavirus originated in Wildlife". First, he cites highly rated scientists/virologists at the Scripps Institute that the "virus must have arisen by natural selection, not manipulation". Wade cites "Research would have calculated the strongest possible fit between the Human ACE2 receptor and the Spike Protein with which the virus latches onto it. IF FROM A LAB, then they would design the Spike protein accordingly, by selecting the string of Amino Acids that compose it". NOT THE CASE! Anderson comes to the conclusion, that the SARS2 Spike Protein is not of the calculated best design, and hence it "CANNOT BE MANIPULATED" 

A. ANIMAL VIRUSES DRIVEN BY THE HUMAN CONSUMPTION OF ANIMALS: The Mad Cow Disease was caused due to Human consumption of Cattle, H5N1, H5N8 viruses due to Consumption of Chicken.  The Deadly Avian Flu in China in 1958-59, which killed nearly 2 million people was caused due to Human Consumption of Ducks (Source: Coronaviruses by Dr Rajesh Parikh). As explained below there is Animal to Human Transmission and then Human to Human Transmission (Chart 2). As pointed out earlier, Bats have been responsible for MERS (Host: Camels; Source CDC), the Deadly SARS Virus (Host: Civets; Robert Roos "WHO sees more evidence of Civet Role in SARS, Jan 16, 2004), the Catastrophic COVID 19 Pandemic (Host: Pangolin/Badgers: WHO Trip to Wuhan; Page: WSJ, Feb17), Dr Rasmussen in Nature Medicine)In many cases, like Ebola, SARS, MERS and COVID19, there is (Human-Human Transmission) raise to N. Meaning it spreads to N Human Beings, not 2,3 or 4. For COVID19, N=3.4 million ; Asian Flu N = 2.2 million.


This "exponential" Transmission (shown below, C3) which has happened in the case of the current Pandemic is no different from the Asian Flu Pandemic (2009) due to Human Consumption of Ducks;  SARS (2003)- Human Consumption of Civets (Robert Roos, Science, June 2020) & COVID19 (Human Consumption of Pangolin/Badgers/Rabbits (Page, Wall Street Journal, Feb 9)



1. To draw and ENFORCE the strict lines of Demarcation between Human Beings and the Animal Ecosystem. They are different Ecosystems.  Just like Cannibals eat Human Beings, Cannibals get Brain Disease.  Cannibals CANNOT encroach on the Human Being Ecosystem.  Same for Humans & Animals.

2. Human Beings cannot encroach on the Animal Ecosystem.  This is KEY. Why not eliminate Bats to prevent the next Pandemic? Bats eat harmful mosquitoes and pollinate over 500 Flowers. KEY part of the Animal Ecosystem. From the above chart, it is clear the (Animal-Human) Transmission and the (Human-Human Transmission) raise to N that has happened in the case of the COVID19 Pandemic. Remember Civets and SARS.  Spread to 32 Countries in less than 5 weeks (Sonia Shah, "Pandemic", 2020)

We will have to DISRUPT THE ANIMAL FOOD CHAIN IMMEDIATELY. This will happen in 3 stages. First, to immediately stop killing and eating Wild Animals (Leopards, Tigers, Civets, Pangolin, Bears Ferret Badgers). For Phase 3, ("Domesticated Animals"), besides the Methane angle (Meat & Dairy Stock responsible for 30% of the Methane Production), please see "Why can't I eat Beef, Chicken or Pork? (Ashish Kalra, Times of India, April 30, 2021)


3. To enforce "Laws of Nature" discussed in an earlier paper, Times of India, "When we Disobey the Design of Life". For eg cases of Superman: Reeves in a Wheelchair. Human Beings are not designed to fly. Birds are. When Humans think they can fly, they fall flat on their face. Also have cited the case of Nature acting in a Large Democracy to control "exponential" population growth, where Gardeners on $100/mth are having 12 children. Who will provide the Water, Education, Healthcare and Jobs then? If the President mandates a "One Child Policy", he will be voted out immediately. Nature Acts! Nature Acts to control the Population. Along the lines of a Plague.

4. Bat Coronaviruses enforce that we observe the Design of Life, that is Human Beings are designed to be VEGETARIAN. Carnivores gulp water down, Herbivores and Man use their lips to swallow water. Carnivores have much LARGER Kidneys to flush out poisonous Meat , while Herbivores and Man have much smaller kidneys. Carnivores have small Intestines, while Herbivores and Man have much larger Intestines. Carnivores have 10x the amount of Hydrochloric Acid as compared to Herbivores & Human Beings.

5. Facilitates the creation of BETTER HUMAN BEINGS. Human Beings with more empathy, tolerance, respect for each other (locally & globally). This is KEY. I delve into this greater article in my upcoming article and book titled "Why Pandemics Happen".

6. ACTION : Bat Coronaviruses. REACTION: "Bat Shaped Facemasks". DO NOT KILL & EAT ANIMALS. Deadly Animal Viruses and Pandemics occur!


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Ashish Kalra has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, a Masters in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University, where he was a Teaching Fellow and an MBA from the #1 ranked University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.  He has spent close to 21 years on the buyside and sellside in North America, Asia and now India at UBS, Citigroup, BNP Paribas & Alliance Bernstein among others. He now runs a Family Office, Mayfair Capital; returned over 33x over the last 17 years (earlier in his personal capacity). He lives in Northern India. 
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